Pieux Protech
Mr. Mario Vaillancourt
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Guaranteed for life against freezing, thaw & corrossion

How much is my project going to cost?

The price will depend on the amount of work necessary for the project. A balcony is a different project than a house expansion. Contact us for a quote..

How long will the installation of the piles take?

It depends on the project. Installing two piles is faster than installing twenty-five. Contact us for a quote.

How deep do you install the piles?

The depth depends on the project, the stability of the ground and frost conditions must be considered. A typical installation is of a minimum of six feet and a half but Pieux Protech can manufacture any other necessary sizes.

How do you check if there are any pipes or cables on the ground?

No work is done before consulting Info Excavation, which determine the location or existence of telephone cables, gas pipes, etc.

What is galvanized steel?

Galvanization protects steel against corrossion. This protection is obtained through dipping steel pieces in melted zinc at 450°C, covering the metal with a protective layer that eliminates all deterioration worries. Protech only uses galvanized steel piles in their projects to protect your investment and guarantee their work for life.